Foamglas® is an isolation of cellular glass of high performance, long permanence and respectfully with the environment for a complete wrapper of the buildings. With the certificate of guarantee Passive Housses, Natureplus and Green Energy. It is an excellent insulating one on the outside on the soil, for fronts, for the interior, into covers or even into special isolations. Foamglas is only sold in Ibiza by Soltec Construcción. 


Geopannel® is the efficient acoustic insulating one (norm UNE-EN ISO 354:2004) and thermal, water-repellent, resistant to the corrosion and to the mildew, and in addition, it does not favor the combustion. It is an ecological product made from textile recycled fibers.


Diathonite Evolution is a natural and eco-friendly thermal insulation, formulated with natural hydraulic lime, cork, clay and diatomaceous powders, with high thermal insulation, sound absorbing, breathable and dehumidifying properties.


From waterproof mortars, monolayers, rapairs, lime, thermo-acoustic, etc. current systems to TH2 (SATE o ETICS), they comprise some of the solutions that Soltec Construcción offers its customers.